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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title Case? And why I have to fill in the form with "Title Case"?

To fill in information on application with Title Case is a common in North America.
When you fill in information, please use Title case on the name.
For example. If your name is "Adam Smith"

The proper way to enter is "Adam Smith"
Not          "ADAM SMITH"
Not         "adam smith"

Most of our mass communication required extracting data (include your name ) from the database.
To save registrar's  time to correct the letters, please use Title Case.

My daughter is interested in joining the Vexmen Robotics. We have a couple of girls from our community that might be interested in participating as well. Can we start a new group of our community?

We normally do not recommend forming a group from the same community. Kids might have disputes or disagreements and it might ruin the relationship within the neighbors.  However, if you insist, to form a group with your neighbors, two parents will need to be the mentors. Please refer to the questions below about Mentor Requirement. 

I have a Middle Schooler and he has never tried robotics before. Should he join VIQC or VRC?

Generally speaking, we will recommend to join VIQC if he has no experience with robotics. However, it will also depend on the number of registration. It will require 3-4 players for a VIQC team.  And 4 - 6 players for a VRC team.  

For other grades, 

  • If you are in 4th thru 5th Grade, you must select our IQ program.  

  • If you are in 8th grade or above, you must select our VRC program. 

  • If you are in 6 or 7th grade, you will have to decide between IQ or VRC program.  

How can I be sure that my kid will be in a team? 

Each team requires two parents to be the mentors. If you want to make sure your kid is in a team, volunteer as a mentor. 

What are the roles and responsibilities as a mentor?

Your main job as a mentor is to support your team by scheduling practices, ordering equipment, assisting with conflict resolution, and being a cheerleader for your team.

How to qualify as a Team mentor?

You can register as a Parent Volunteer when you register your child.  You must fulfill the PA volunteer requirements.

  • Child Abuse History Certification

  • PA Criminal Background Certification

  • Federal Criminal History Report

  • Signed Disclosure Statement for Volunteers  

  •  Please visit DASD for the required certificates.

How many nights a team can meet during the week?

Teams meet once a week on their primary build night in our Exton Mall location. Additional meeting times will become available as the season progresses. At least one mentor needs to be present during build night. 

Do we need to pay for Competition Entry Fees?

Your registration fee covers two Vexmen’s hosted events, 2 local events organized by other local organizations and if your team is qualified for State championship, the entry fee will also be covered. However, all parents are required to volunteer in Vexmen’s hosted event. 

Can my child join if they doen’t like to play with robots?

Yes. Vex Competition embraced Student Centered Policy. Being in a team, students will learn how to use the Design Process Cycle to solve problems. They will learn to work as a team, communicate and listen to ideas. They will need to use the Design Notebook to record their Design Process. Not just robotic skills will be acquired, there are planning, writing, design, math, programming and other technical skills will be developed during the process. 

Can my team meet at home?

Teams need to meet at least once a week in the mall. 

I have three jobs and I don’t have time to volunteer in the event. 

Volunteering is not only for adults. Students and their siblings can volunteer. Volunteering helps kids to learn how to work with others, organize an event, and most importantly, they will have FUN!!! If they volunteer more than 15 hours during the year, a certificate will be provided for their diligent work. 

What would happen if my team didn’t volunteer in the event?

Each team will be designated to volunteer in one Vexmen’s hosted competition. If your team didn’t fulfill the work, your team will be removed from the next competition and no make-up competition will be given. 

What would happen if I didn’t volunteer last year and I would want my son to continue with his team next year?

We take volunteer work very seriously. Your son will not be eligible to join next year. He will have to wait a year if he would like to join again.

At the end of the registration, I see no fees charged.  Did I finish the registration process?

After you sign the wavier forms and press <Submit Offer> at the end of the registration, you have  completed the first step.  Our Registrars will review your application. Once your child has put in a team, you will have the choice to accept/ reject.  When you accept the team offer, you will pay the full registration fee. 

I would like to edit my registration, how can I go back to the page?

On the main page, click the "pencil" icon next to your child's name.

I didn't sign the wavier form, where I can find the link?

On the main page, click the "pencil" icon next to your child's name. Then scroll down to the bottom, the link is  next to the comment "Please click the [link] next to this question.".

It is 9:30pm.  I couldn't register my child. The email said the registration for returning  member is closed on May 25.

To avoid any late night email about registration questions, we set the time to close at 9pm.  

Can you check my registration and let me know if I miss anything?

Please have your child to check your registration.  We encourage children to participate in every process.

Most common missing information are:
- missing wavier forms signature
- missing clearances from mentors
- register to the wrong program  (e.g request for VRC MS  but register to VIQC MS)
- only put in the first name on Teammate request 

I am a returning mentor. I can't find the link to upload my clearances in the mentor page. 

If it shows that the "document verified", you don't have to upload the clearances. 
Please contact registrar if you need to renew your clearances.

My child was in a team last year. Do I have to register for next year?

Yes. Registration is only valid for one year. Every returning member is required to register if they decide to return for next year.

Why the registration only open a short period of time?  Why can't vexmen open the registration all year long?

Like other sports organizations, we open registration for a period of time so that we can form teams and to start the season together.  Once the team is formed,  new members cannot be added.   Please understand all the  registrars are volunteers.  There are a lot work required once the registrations are opened.  Please read our emails and pay attentions for all the important dates that are communicated through our emails. 

 I don't like the team that assigned to my child. What will happen if I reject the offer?

If we have enough mentor volunteers, your child will be assigned to another team. However, if we don't have enough mentors, you will have to fill in the online google form and wait until next year. 

We are out of the country and we can't register now. Can you open the registration when we come back?

One of our team members doesn't show up in team meeting and was late all the time.  Can we change team mate?

Once a team is formed, there will be no changes.  This is a great opportunity to  have the students to communicate with each other about team rules and expectation.  

One parent in my team like to change the design of the robot without students' involvement. We told him let the kids do the job but he refused to listen.  What can we do?

Please email [email protected] immediately. This is a serious violation of the Student Centered Policy

Our mentor wants the team to meet in his home but he can only meet one or two days a week and he doesn't like to go to the mall. Most students cannot meet in those days. What can we do?

To prevent this from happening, before you accept the team offer, please check with other teammates about meeting days.
Please notes: All teams required to build at least once a week in the mall.  In this case, other mentor need to step up and coordinate with teams about meeting in the mall.  Email [email protected] if your mentor doesn't follow the rule. 

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