The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

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This shop is for Vexmen ordering only. It is not a retail shop. Vexmen internal use only.
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We are now exclusively using our new online parts ordering process. This online order form does not actually order the parts but it helps assemble the needs of each team in a consolidated manner. That’s why there is no credit card entry at check out. The reports at the end make it an easier process for us to manage orders for all of our teams.

We have to keep up on the parts into our local catalog ourselves. I know there are a few missing items and some items in our catalog are no longer available from VEX. So please alert us to discrepancies.

Also, VEX items that are back ordered by VEX do not show a backorder status in our store. please check the VEX Robotics website for current availability. (and this is not always even accurate)

Try to evaluate what you plan on building within the next week and order ahead of time. Plan plan plan!

However, we’re not made of money. So a few simple rules:

V5 Parts will be automatically provided to the teams and can not be ordered.
1) Since Aluminum is 2-3 times the price of steel, you must have a prototype or CAD drawing of what you are looking to build (that subsystem, not necessarily the whole robot)
2) Pneumatic kits are above our budget. If you would like to use them, please plan on buying them yourself.
3) Please show your coding and plan of action if you would like to use gyros or accelerometers
4) VRC Zip ties and Rubber bands will be provided separately
5) All orders are subject to review and excessive orders may have quantities reduced or held.

Orders must be submitted by 11:00 am on Thursday to be placed in the weekly order. if you miss the cutoff, your order will take an extra week to reach you.  It takes about a week to receive parts sometimes so even more reason to plan ahead.

You can start here to browse the categories

Our hosting provider is a tad slow (but really cheap) so the interactivity with the shopping site is a bit slow. So we also have an alternative bulk order form where you can type ahead for the parts you want to order.

Once submitted we will assemble the week’s orders on Thursdays at 11:30 and process them at once. We will approve each order so it is not a free for all – we still have an expected parts budget.

At the end of the ordering process, you receive an email. I am not sure the team email distribution lists will work as a destination address at this point so please forward the parts order confirmation to your team distribution so there is no duplication of orders.

VEX Parts Selection

Please select from the following Vex products for your team’s order. These forms do not directly order the parts but allow us to consolidate the order into one single order per week.

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If you have trouble or if there is a part missing, please use the old spreadsheet to help us order parts in a timely manner.
Vexmen Example Parts Order
When complete, email it to your team email address and we’ll assemble everything that Thursday for an order.