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Looking For 2016 – 2017 Online Design Challenge Entries

Each year Vex offers a set of online design challenges that allow students to explore CAD design, making a fun second robot, tearing apart a piece of electronics, and teaching others about robotics. These challenges are due January 11, 2017 and can take some time to put together a quality production. The Christmas break is the perfect time to put these together as a team.

If you think you may get to Vex World Championships, two online design submissions are required to qualify for the Excellence Award. Another Vexmen team’s submission can not be transferred to your robot. You must enter your own online design challenge. Some are ridiculously simple while others are much more time…


Take Your Robot To The Next Level

Advanced Opportunities For Vexmen This Season
As you plan your upcoming Vex season, we have additional learning opportunities to take your engineering design process to the next level.  Vex makes some tools freely available to students that expands your skills and deepens your understanding of Engineering and Physics.  This is a sampling of topics and tools the mentors can help you with this season.

Come see Glenn and Chris as you find the need to learn these new techniques. This is not a comprehensive list and are happy to help you investigate new topics long the way.


Robot C – this is how you program your robot.  It is now free!  Create a logon at to get started.  PC…


 Battery Charger Toolbox     

Organize your batteries at a competition can spread across the floor and turn into a mess. By using a tool carrier with pockets to hold your Vex batteries, you will be able to efficiently charge and manage your batteries. Mark each area for its purpose and you will be set.

Team 91C – Cyclops started this trend and we will be expanding it to many more teams this year.
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You can buy this 17″ Husky Open Tool Tote at Home Depot, Sears, or Amazon. Currently Home Depot has the best prices for these gems.

One side has charged batteries while the dead ones slide on the opposite side. Chargers live in the middle of the bag along with a power strip….


91C Cyclops Parallel Parking Robot

91C’s parallel parking robot is used to help teach incoming drivers how to parallel park. It gives an outside view on the specifics of parallel parking and a realistic automation. The car has an autonomous and a driver mode. The automated version uses a gyroscope to tell the angle of the car and keep it straight, 4 ultrasonic sensors to tell where the car is relative to the boxes and wall, and a speaker to tell when each step has been completed.

After each step, the car stops and the speaker beeps. It emphasizes the proper way to get into a spot. The car also has a realistic driver mode with a gas pedal and a steering wheel using…


Vexmen Spring Classes Available Starting March 31 and April 1

It’s the end of the regular Vexmen season so that means it’s time for the Spring educational sessions where we teach the real ins and outs of building an awesome robot.

We know the spring gets really full really quickly with other activities and the 6th grade center is among them. So we will have to be a bit flexible on our meeting dates. We also have a week in April Chris and I will not be available – so it will not be 8 consecutive weeks.

Each class is a $100 per student fee with parent mentors wishing to stay for free

Tuesday class starting 3/31: build techniques and basic robot programming strategies taught by Chris Hallahan….