The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics


Vexmen Registration Through Sept 7, 2016

It is that time of year again, time to start the new Vexmen season! This is the time of year we start opening our doors and making new teams on the Vexmen. We run two Vex competitions across middle school and high school grades – Vex VRC and Vex IQ.

We will have two information sessions on September 6th and 7th at the Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center cafeteria. Please choose a night that matches when you will be able to come on a regular basis. Additionally, please fill out a registration form so we can better figure out capacity.

New Member Registration Form

The Vexmen build robots and compete at the local, state, and international levels….


New Seasons Resolution – Less Hoarding

We started to clean out the old toolboxes and bins and well we have enough parts to build some cool robots. This is not even all of it. We should all aim to not keep as much stuff in our bins.
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Some of these robot parts are rather expensive and if we can share them mid season we can help keep costs down or more readily replace a suspect cortex. Yes we all need to prototype and have some spare elements but some of it was rather ridiculous. 

So let us all resolve to not be eligible to be on the tv show Hoarders. We are getting more bins to organize parts to make them readily…


 Battery Charger Toolbox     

Organize your batteries at a competition can spread across the floor and turn into a mess. By using a tool carrier with pockets to hold your Vex batteries, you will be able to efficiently charge and manage your batteries. Mark each area for its purpose and you will be set.

Team 91C – Cyclops started this trend and we will be expanding it to many more teams this year.
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You can buy this 17″ Husky Open Tool Tote at Home Depot, Sears, or Amazon. Currently Home Depot has the best prices for these gems.

One side has charged batteries while the dead ones slide on the opposite side. Chargers live in the middle of the bag along with a power strip….


Watch Vex Worlds on ESPN2 July 20th

Check this out! ESPN 2 will be showing the 2016 VEX Robotics World Championship on July 20th at 9pm. So set your DVR and see if you can find any Vexmen. This is a big step for robotics competitions and maybe you can be on TV next year.

Vexforum announcement


Two Vexmen Teams Win Design Awards At Vex World Championships

Vexmen middle school teams 80M Mercury, 80W Warpath, and 92P Phoenix traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the 2016 VEX Robotics World Championship, held April 20-23 at the Kentucky Exposition Center. To qualify, teams had to win one of the top awards at PA States. Team 80M Mercury won the Excellence Award in Middle School, team 80W Warpath won the middle school division, and team 92P Phoenix won the IQ design award. All three Vexmen teams were judged for overall design and competed strongly in competition. In the end, teams Warpath and Phoenix independently earned coveted division “Design Awards.”

Team 80W Warpath performed extremely well in the VEX Robotics Competition Opportunity Division placing 12th out of…