The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

PA Child Protection Rules

The commonwealth of PA has extended the child safety protection requirements to include all non-profit organizations that come in contact with children. This means that every Vexmen mentor will have to complete the PA Child Protection Certification Registration.

Please start with the PA forms below.

These are a subset of the requirements for volunteering at Downingtown schools. Brandywine Robotics will not require the TB test, that is just Downingtown School District’s policy. Luckily, right now the PA screening is free for volunteers because they knew there would be a huge backlash from this new requirement. If you have previously been screened for DASD, you can submit a copy of those existing clearances.

Here is a link to the DASD policy

You need an Act 34 and an Act 151 Clearance form

The first part is Act 34 clearance. This is the easy set of forms.
Act 34

The organization is Brandywine Robotics Inc. and our business address is:
Brandywine Robotics
205 Byers Rd.
Chester Springs, PA 19425

Then comes the Act 151 forms which requires you to set up a login and then fill out the forms. Brandywine Robotics is the name of the organization you are volunteering for. This is a lengthy form that requires you to enter all the places you have lived since 1975. We know this is laborious and if it weren’t required the Vexmen would not ask this of you.
Act 151

PA has outlined the requirements and provides additional information at the PA Keep Kids Safe Website. .