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New Seasons Resolution – Less Hoarding

We started to clean out the old toolboxes and bins and well we have enough parts to build some cool robots. This is not even all of it. We should all aim to not keep as much stuff in our bins.
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Some of these robot parts are rather expensive and if we can share them mid season we can help keep costs down or more readily replace a suspect cortex. Yes we all need to prototype and have some spare elements but some of it was rather ridiculous. 

So let us all resolve to not be eligible to be on the tv show Hoarders. We are getting more bins to organize parts to make them readily available. So we will do our part to make sure parts are available too. But lets keep some orderly toolboxes this season. It may save us from another thrown back as well. 

Here are some of the most often kept parts and their prices. 

  • High strength gear kit $29.99
  • 4″ wheel $19.99
  • High strength sprocket and chain set $39.99
  • Linear motion kit $24.99
  • Rack gears $19.99
  • Additional chain $24.99