The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

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 Battery Charger Toolbox     

IMG_2170Organize your batteries at a competition can spread across the floor and turn into a mess. By using a tool carrier with pockets to hold your Vex batteries, you will be able to efficiently charge and manage your batteries. Mark each area for its purpose and you will be set.

Team 91C – Cyclops started this trend and we will be expanding it to many more teams this year.
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IMG_2172You can buy this 17″ Husky Open Tool Tote at Home Depot, Sears, or Amazon. Currently Home Depot has the best prices for these gems.

One side has charged batteries while the dead ones slide on the opposite side. Chargers live in the middle of the bag along with a power strip. Pockets stealing the outside sides and one side on the inside.
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IMG_2171The Vexmen have tried battery tables with chargers zip tied to peg board, Homer tool boxes with chargers and batteries, massive piles of chargers on the floor, and just giving chargers per team on their own (where not all seem to return).

While the 12 bay AAA charger works great for the number of AAA joystick batteries, it generally takes much longer than a Vex AAA battery charger with 8 slots.