The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

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Vote For The Vexmen in 2016 VEXMEN Online Challenges


Several of our VEXMEN teams have submitted online challenges.
These challenges are voted upon by the public, then judged.
Some awards are monetary and others can send the first place team to the World Championships!

It is important that VEXMEN club participants and parents support these teams and their extra efforts.
Voting for entries that you like is a good way of showing this.

In order to vote you MUST create a REC foundation account (which is easy) or sign in using google, facebook, or twitter accounts.

Remember please that you VOTE using the upper very-light gray Thumbs-Up logo and facebook LIKING the entry with the facebook logo is NOT the same as voting.
VOTING is what counts!

Voting Closes On FEBRUARY 5, 2016!

NOTE: you can vote for multiple entries in the same category, but you can only vote once per entry.

Register or login at:

* Indicates challenges that award a spot to the World Championships!

* Website challenge (this is the club’s awesome website!)
Team 81M: VEXMEN Website:

* FUTURE foundation robot construction challenge:
Team 91C: Parallel Parking Car Video:

* CAD challenge:
Team 81M: Better 45 degree gussets for making holonomic bases:
Team 81W: New motor mount:
Team 81Y: Easy Removal Attachment Point for VRC License Plate Kit:

* IQ Promote Award
Team 92P: Girsl Rock Robotics! 92P:

* TI Tear Down Challenge
Team 80N:
Team 91C:

Photography Challenge
Team 80C: (no content)
Team 80N:
Team 80W:
Team 80Y:
Team 81J:
also 81J:
Team 81M:
Team 81W
Team 81Z:
Team 91C:
Team 92P:

*Indicates challenges that award a spot to the World Championships!