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Come Help Clean And Paint Our New Space

We have a new space to store our stuff and build on weekends and holiday breaks. But we need some help cleaning it up, painting it, and making it safe for everyone. We will be meeting Tuesday and Wednesdays at the 6th Grade Center but this will be used for weekends, holiday breaks, and if we can get it cleaned up, some summer build time!

205 Byers Rd
Eagle, PA
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It is still a construction zone. There is not running water right now and I can’t predict if it will on July 18th. So assume no working water at this point.

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If you can spare a few hours over the weekend and have some cleaning and painting supplies, come on down and help clean and paint. I am not entirely sure how long this will take us so we will start one weekend at a time with July 18th and 19th.

For Saturday the 18th, I would like to use that as a cleaning day. We need people to bring cleaning equipment for a garage/light industrial space – dust masks, brooms, heavy brushes, shop vacs, step ladders, wire brushes, and the like. Then Sunday the 19th we can paint Dry Lock on the concrete walls to brighten up the place. We’ll need paint rollers, brushes useful for Dry Lock paint (a sticky concoction), paint pans, painters tape, and even any cans of white Dry Lock laying around in your basement.

Here are some pictures of the space. it is essentially a large garage on the lower level of Steve’s new building. We have a storage room with a really low ceiling and an entry room that we will use as the cutting area.


As you can see we have things boxed up still. We will need to organize these items once we finish cleaning. Then we can get to building! All these will be moved into the storage room which you can sort of see through the door. It’s maybe a 6.5 foot ceiling so good for storage, younger kids, but not so good for taller kids and adults.