The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

Blog Post


Five teams from the VEXMEN headed out to the second of our two early events this year. It was a great day. We saw some really impressive robots from schools coming to their first round up event. One from team REX could even hang on the ladder! The first time I have seen it in a match!

With all of this great competition not all of our teams did has well as last time but I saw so many positivie things.

Team 96 came with half a robot. Still working on redesigning it. They worked has a team all day. Continually improving what they had. Doing what they can to help their alliance partners on defense. This team is going to be very good in just a short period if time.

Team 90 had some robot problems. Their still new design is just not their yet. And like team 96 they spent every spare minute working to improve it. Again I think this team is going to be scary good with just a little more effort. In the end their robot was not running well. With 19 teams and only 18 going to the tournament one had to be left out. They made a very impressive move and told a team willing to select them that they should not. That is one of the toughest things any team has too do but it was the right decision and and applaud them for the professionalism they showed.

Team 84 had another solid day finishing in the middle of the pack. They got a new team member some great game experience. 84 is one of our most experienced teams. They were using an old robot not built for round up to get a feel for the new game and scout the competition. They are now starting to build their new round up robot. These guys are programming masters and I can’t wait to see what they do this year.

Team 80. Wow I can’t say enough. What a day. As Foster would say they drove the wheels off their robot. Again this robot wasn’t build for round up but they made some really nice changes to it and they were in my opinion one of the top robots yesterday. They made it to the semi-finals where they took some very tough high school seniors to three matches. They won what I think will be remembered as the match of the day when all robots went on a de-scoring (taking other teams rings off goals) frenzy and they out drove their opponents leaving only 1 ring on the entire field. No awards this time but there is no way that is going to last.

Team 81 had everything come together. They won their first tournament with a consistent autonomous program and some really amazing driving from their new team members. The autonomous was also good enough to win the programming skills award! It was a close match deciding victory was  34 – 30. Really nice job by the whole team working on the little things all day. Checking for loose screws. Keeping the batteries charged. They had a great alliance with Chichester middle school and Team REX from the Baltimore area.

Overall it was another awsome event. This is shaping up to be a truly incredible season. I can’t wait to see what the robots look like at the November 20th Downingtown event.

Thanks to Delaware County Christian School for hosting this inspiring day!.