The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

Blog Post


WOW! What an incredible day. We had a great turnout of kids for an early event held at Chichester Middle School in Boothwyn PA. The new teams came out and gave it their best. All that hard work this summer paid off!

Team 80, Nightcrawler, had a great day finishing 6th place overall coming back from summer break just a few weeks ago they did an impressive  job getting their robot ready to go. They played great all day and although they did not win today they are are most decorated team from last year I have no doubt they will be right back at the top this year.

Another robot that came on short notice was team 98. Luke was the sole driver of the robot and gave it his all. He was recogized for his solo effort with a special VEX Judges Award.

Team 84 had an incredible run. Finishing in 1st place in the morning qualification rounds and made it all the way to the final match. They earned the VEX Build Award for their robot Cyclops.

Team 90, Lady Deathstrike, in their first event over came some early problems to get their robot running. The Judges recognized their effort and the work they put into keeping a great engineering book with the VEX Design Award.

Team 81, Gambit, put in a great day ranked third after qualifications but were unfortunately eliminated in the semi-finals. Their robot preformed well scoring many rings at once, removing points with an innovative floating forklift design and had one of the few working autonomous routines at the event. They earned the VEX Excellence Award for their overall performance on the day which qualifies the team for the World Championships in April!

Last but not least is team 96, Professor X, our other rookie team today. After running the robot in an event for the first time they ran to some major issues. Demonstrating solid teamwork and great determination they kept their focus and kept the robot running. All that sweat paid off big in the end because they were selected by the second seed alliance which went on to win tournament! Also qualifying Team 96 for the World Championships!

It was inspiring to see not only the kids working hard but all the parents that came out today and lent a hand running the event and and helping the teams. This is the start of a great year. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year progresses.

Congratulations Everyone!.