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2011 – 2012 Season Event Results

2011 – 2012 Vexmen Primary Events
12/3/11 - PSU Abington Winter Scrimmage
Penn State Abington Campus Woodland Library, Abington, PA

In it’s fourth year, the PSU Abington Winter Scrimmage is the area’s premier scrimmage. With it’s unique “play as much as you can format”, teams that don’t have full fields can get 8 hours of serious practice and competition.

The Vexmen came in full force and played and built all day. As most teams did not have a working arm or claw yet, this provided the opportunity to get some crucial building done.

But that means you can’t drive what you have already built! Team 80N got in line again and again and again playing in 21 matches the entire day. The next closest team – 677 the Joneses of Montclair – played in 9. The kids got some robot driving practice and pushed game elements into the corners to score mainly. Some robots used a platform to roll game elements into the low goals, while some robots from other schools had robots scoring in the top goals.

Most Matches Played: Team 80N – Nightcrawler
Judges Award: Team 80C – Cyclops
Something Out Of Nothing Award: Team 80B – Beast, Second FlickrPhotoset
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12/11/11 - Technomage Event
Technomage League Event at Kohelet Yeshiva School in Merion Station, PA

This is a Sunday Technomage League event at KYHS.

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1/7/12 - Technomage League - Norristown
Norristown, PA at Norristown High School

This was the first Technomage League event for most Vexmen teams. The morning build sessions and talks by Andrew and Steve helped kids learn about programming or proper gear ratios for their robots.

Many more robots now have functioning arms and grabbers. Teams 80C, 80N, 80P, and 80X all started really competing getting into more higher goals throughout the day. Other teams are just about ready with 81S and 81A about ready to debut their feeders. 81S has a twisted pneumatics tubing spring action you thought was a steel cable!

The TechnoMage league is one of 10 pilot VEX Competitions leagues authorized for this year. We are promoting a vibrant community where teams come together and participate in morning workshops on various topics like programming, mechanical design and competition strategy, and then compete through the afternoon.

We have several League days leading up to a final playoff where teams are recognized for their contributions, performance and have the opportunity to win one of three VEX World Championship slots in Disneyland in April!

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1/14/12 - 5th Annual Eastern PA Regional
Haverford, PA at The Haverford School

The Vexmen played extremely well at the PA Regional. An all girls alliance won the tournament. Teams 80N – Nightcrawler, 80X – X-23, and 2700A from the Baldwin School beat the alliance of teams 169Y, 169Z – both from the Haverford School – along with team 80C – Cyclops – from the Vexmen. The finals went to three matches with the Vexmen (Vexwomen) prevailing.

The Vexmen teams have all really improved in this week’s match. Team 80R – Rogue is scoring on the high goals consistently with its polycarb box lifter. They have also been one of the only teams to effectively use the negation barrel in matches. Team 80J – Juggernaut drove their way onto third place after the regular qualification matches. Their alliance with 80G and 80D – Darwin – took four grueling semi-final matches to decide the finalists.

Tournament Champions: Team 80N – Nightcrawler
Tournament Champions: Team 80X – X-23
Build Award: Team 80G – Gambit
Judges Award: Team 80N – Nightcrawler
Design Award: Team 80W – Wolverine
Amaze Award: Team 80X – X-23
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1/15/11 - New Technomage Event at KYHS
New!!! Technomage League Event at Kohelet Yeshiva School in Merion Station, PA

This is a newly added Sunday Technomage League event at KYHS. Since Vexmen high school teams were not competing on 1/14 at Haverford, this provided them the opportunity to play that week. In addition to Vexmen high school teams of 81A – Apocolypse, and 81S – Sabretooth, teams 80M, 80N, 80R, 80W, and 80X played in this Sunday league play.

Teams continued to really push their robots to the point where sparks flew and some motors blew. Team 80N unleashed their autonomous leading to 5 items scored in the high goal during the pre-programmed time. Other teams competing included the hosts KYHS, the Driven Bolts, Haverford School teams, and Cherry Hill East all competed in an afternoon of great matches.

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1/21/12 Dockbots 12
Christopher Dock School, Lansdale, PA

On a snowy day, the Vexmen came to play against some of the toughest competition in Vex. Maryland based Chadwick Robotics, and ACME robotics came to PA through a driving snow storm to make Dockbots a great tournament. Those teasm took soem of the top awards including Tournament Champion, Excellence Award, and Design Awards.

Teams 80R – Rogue – and 80D – Darwin – ended the qualifcations in 4th and 5th respectively with some great driving and robots really getting into a finished state. Other teams were not as lucky with mechanical wear and tear starting to rear its ugly head with 80N, 80X, and 81A all having some issues. But the play of Chadwick and ACME really showed the Vexmen what some top talent can do.

Tournament Champions: Team 80N – Nightcrawler
Amaze Award: Team 80N – Nightcrawler
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1/28/12 Technomage League Playoffs KYHS
Kohelet Yeshiva High School, Merion Station, PA

This is the final – Technomage League playoff. This was the first ever night Vex torunament

We were at the Kohelet Yeshiva HS, Marion Station PA. This was their third event hosted this year. They are a rookie team to Vex and could not have been better hosts. 34 Teams competed for slots to go to the VEX World Championships. (44 teams had competed in the league qualifying events)

Doors opened at 6PM. Since we had done alliance selections by E-Mail and phone all we had to do was inspect robots and have a drivers meeting. Promptly at 7:20, Head Referee Bob said 3-2-1 GO and we were off.

Since the Eastern PA teams are about 1/2 way through the competition season with ~400 matches played, the level of the robot’s ability was pretty high. Most robots at this point can collect and score multiple items at one time. We even had a wall bot to play defense.

There were a number of high scoring matches that took sudden downward turns with the negator barrel scored.

The preceding League days established a League Ranking. We played on four fields and followed our policy of “last teams to play reset the fields”. We got very good turn times. Once we got into the semifinals we did have teams take timeouts to do repairs.

Team 169A and 169E from Haveford won the event with some impressive defensive skill and cooperative play. As Team 169E maneuvered in the interaction zone, 169A swept up all the available pieces behind them to score almost at will. This teamwork between robots shows what the power of two skilled robots and roboteers can accomplish. They earned their world qualification spots with impressive play and scoring over 20 points in all but one match.

Vexmen Teams 80G – Gambit – and 80J – Juggernaut – made it to the semi-final round needing a decisive third mach to be defeated by 1267B of DC Knights and team 101 of Radnor high School.

Build Award – 81S – Sabretooth
Amaze Award – 80R – Rogue
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2/4/12 PA State Championship
Delaware County Christian Academy, Newtown Square, PA

Top teams from the mid atlantic came to PA State Championships. 80 teams came and there were four fields running at once with skills running all day. It took 139 qualifying matches to get to 16 team elimination bracket. Team 80X – X23 – won the middle school Excellence Award and Team 80W – Wolverine – won the design award. Both awards qualify for the Vex World Championships. Teams 169A from Haverford School, Team 677 – The Jonses, and 12K from ACME robotics won the tournament as #3 seeds.

Since skills ran all day, there was a grudge match between top teams as they ran over and over again to top each other. Team 677 – the Jonses of Montclair Robotics – scored a whopping 32 points in the skills competition propelling them to #7 in the world rankings and 18 in programming skills. Other powerhouse teams such as 24C – Supersonic Sparks – and 3086Z – Cheese – gave them a run for their money scoring up to 29 points in drivers skills. Technomage league Excellence award winners 777B from Christopher Dock scored 25. DC Knights’ 1267A team scored 16 in the programming skills making them 15th in the world currently which should be good enough for a wrold championship spot.

Excellence Award: Team 80X – X-23
Design Award: Team 80W- Wolverine
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2/11/12 Souderton Vexperiment 2
Souderton High School, Souderton, PA

Another weekend, another robot event. The Vexmen came to play at Sauderton in a split division match with high school and middle school divisions competing in a fun filled day. The smaller format event allowed robots to compete eight times each in qualification matches and then participate in a 16 team pair-based playoff.

Team 80G – Gambit – won the middle school division and took home an Excellence Award qualifying them for Vex World Championships in Anaheim, CA. Their robot has finally come together and they are a force to be reckoned with. Their octogon holonomic base allows them to score the tall interaction zone goal while still in the isolation zone. This allows them to score without the other interaction zone robot shoving them out of the way. Their pair scored an impressive 33 points in one playoff round match.

Team 80J – Juggernaut – won the build award and 80H – Havoc – won the design award in the middle school division. 80H lost in the finals to 80G”s pair in a tough match.

In the high school division, Team 81S – Sabretooth – came away with an Excellence Award to get thier ticket punched for Worlds too. They had a few tipping over issues in a macth to get them knocked out of the playoffs. Team 81N – Namor – won the design award in the High School division as well.

Team 81A – Apocalypse along with 1727A of Rex lost in the tournament finals as first seeds to the tandem of 777B of Christopher Dock and 4001A from Parkland. 777B had been plagued with battery troubles all day but perservered enough to get their batteries together for the elimination rounds.

Excellence Award: Team 81S – Sabretooth
Excellence Award: Team 80G – Gambit
Tournament Champions: 80G – Gambit
Design Award: 81N – Namor
Build Award: 80J – Juggernaut
Design Award: 80H – Havoc
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2/18/12 Haverford Hootenanny
Optional event. The Haverford School, Haverford, PA

One more Vemen team is going to worlds! Team 81A – Apocalypse – qualified by winning the Excellence Award and won the Tournament to boot. They drove well all day and showed their awesome notebook to the judges to win the Excellence Award. Team 81S – Sabretooth – won the build award for the day showing their tight construction and excellent wiring.

Many teams from across the area who tried out the new Robot C v3.06 did not fare well. Drop outs affected Driven Bolts, 3057, and Downingtown teams. Driven Bolts even got their Cortex in a state where it would not communicate any longer keeping them out of the playoffs.

Excellence Award: Team 81A – Apocalypse
Tournament Champions: Team 81A – Apocalypse
Build Award: Team 81S – Sabretooth
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(Yes we do actually have a week off on 2/25 with no robot event – what ever will you do?)
3/3/12 Downingtown STEM Event
Downingtown STEM Academy, Downingtown, PA

Run by the high school members of the Vexmen, the innagural Downingtown STEM Acedemy Middle School event went off without a hitch. Team 80G and 80J teamed up to win the torunament while team 255A from Norristown won the Excelence Award to all qualify for world championships in Anaheim, CA.This concludes the regular season for the Vexmen as they prepare for worlds or go on to firefighting in April.

Tournament Champions: Team 80G – Gambit
Tournament Champions: Team 80J – Juggernaut
Amaze Award: Team 80R – Rogue
Build Award: Team 80X – X-23
Design Award: Team 80J – Juggernaut
Judges Award: Team 80C – Cyclops
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4/19/12 - 4/21/12 Vex World Championships
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

Vex Robotics World Championshipswere in Anaheim, California this year. We sent seven teams across high school and middle school to go up against the best in the world. We came away with three judged awards and some of our local friends came away with awards as well.

Team 81A – Apocalypse of the Vexmen won the Community Award in the Math division for our work helping get Norristown to worlds, the innagural year of the Downingtown STEM Academy, and our help in getting the Technomage League going this year.

In the middle school Opportunity division, Team 80X – X-23 – won the Amaze Award for their auto scoring light detecting using the Vex flashlight.

Also in the middle school Sprit division, Team 80N – Nightcrawler won the Energy Award for their competitive and positive spirit all weekend.

In other regional teams, team 169Y of the Haverford School won the middle school Opportunity division Excellence Award, team 169A of Haverford and team 677 of Montclair Robotics were the High School Math Division champions. They teamed up with a New Zealand team calling themselve sthe Vexmen (imposters!!). Team 677 also won the think award in the Math division. In college division, KTOR won the Amaze Award.

We congratulate all the Vexmen teams who earned their way to the Vex World Championships!
High School: Team 81A – Apocalypse & Team 81S – Sabretooth
Middle School: Team 80G – Gambit, Team 80J – Juggernaut, Team 80N – Nightcrawler, Team 80W – Wolverine, and Team 80X – X-23

High School Math Division Community Award: Team 81A – Apocalypse
Middle School Opportunity Division Amaze Award: Team 80X – X-23
Middle School Spirit Division Energy Award: Team 80N – Nightcrawler
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Vex Online Design Challenges
Well we did not win any of the online challenges for Worlds but they did allow all of the Vexmen teams to qualify for the Excellence Award at World Championships in April. We had two finalists for both the promote video and the website and you can see all the entries at the Vex Online design challenge site. Thanks for all your votes and support.
Vex Essay Challenge Entries:
Video Club Promotion Challenge Entry:
Vex Club Website Entry:
4/21/12 - Firefighting - Penn State Abington
Penn State Abington Campus, Woodland Building, Abington, PA

This is a different style of competition than our normal Vex competions. The kids are constrained ot a smaller robot in staying under 12.25 inches and the goal is very different. They have to drive a robot completely autonomously through a maze to find a burning candle and put it out within 3 minutes.

Points are scored for not only how fast you put out the candle but bonus points are awarded for not touching the candle, a first/second room entry bonus, and returning to the home position all within 3 minutes. We”re not limited ot Vex parts so all sorts of robots and motors have been used this year along with any extinguishing means the kids can think of.

This year Vexmen took first and second places! Team Roofus took first while Salamander took second. They were some of the only robots to extinguish the candle in both the Junior or Senior divisions!

Lilly and Matthew both took home design awards for their efforts as well. Congrats to all!

First Place: Roofus
Second Place: Salamander
Design Awards: Lilly & Matthew
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PSU Event Page
Optional 2011 – 2012 Vexmen Attended Events[/heading]

10/19/11 - Technomage Wednesday Special At DC Knights
Delaware County Christian Academy, Newtown Square, PA

The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity for league teams to play on a day other than a Saturday.We will have the field in a large classroom on the second floor of the high school building. The pits will be in the adjacent classrooms.

Food will not be sold or provided. You are welcome to bring your own snacks.

Robot Events

11/12/11 - Technomage League - DC Knights
Delaware County Christian Academy, Newtown Square, PA

The Technomage League is in its first year consisting of teams in the Greater Metro Philadelphia area. This is a great venue with lots of space, so we are opening this event to teams that are not currently in the Technomage League.

In the morning, starting at 8:00am we will have people on hand to help you develop your robot, give some instruction in programing, the use of sensors, and discuss game strategies. From 12:00pm -4:00pm matches will be played, and those who are in the league will get ranking points that will be used to determine alliance positions later in the year. Those not in the league will be intermixed with league teams, but their rankings will be just for fun.

You are not going to want to miss this opportunity to learn and grow in Robotics!

Robot Events

11/19/11 - Haverford Robotics Gateway Qualifier
The Haverford School, Haverford, PA

Three Vexmen teams attended the inaugural Haverford School robotics event. Team 80P – Phoenix came away with the Judges Award! All of the Vexmen robots were still a bit behind in their builds so no one had an operational arm and claw yet. But we showed them how aggressive driving and floor goals can still compete.

Team 80N – Nightcrawler may have made the new cheater tube for Gateway via 10 minutes of inspired build for a “back up and dunk” shelf holding a pre-loaded ball. This was then used to introduce the doubler barrel to then double the goal”s points. We saw someithing similar from a delapidated Haverford robot whose arm had sheard off and balancing barrels 18 inches up.

As the Sixth seed, the three Vexmen Teams 80G Gambit, 80N Nightcrawler, and 80P Phoinix combined into an all Vexmen alliance to defeat the third seeded teams to advance to the semi-finals. There they met strong resistance from teams with conveyor lifts and some autonomous programming further along in development where we were trounced handily.

Judges Award – 81P – Phoenix
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Other events are available at Robot Events

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