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Vote For The Vexmen in 2016 VEXMEN Online Challenges

Several of our VEXMEN teams have submitted online challenges.
These challenges are voted upon by the public, then judged.
Some awards are monetary and others can send the first place team to the World Championships!

It is important that VEXMEN club participants and parents support these teams and their extra efforts.
Voting for entries that you like is a good way of showing this.

In order to vote you MUST create a REC foundation account (which is easy) or sign in using google, facebook, or twitter accounts.

Remember please that you VOTE using the upper very-light gray Thumbs-Up logo and facebook LIKING the entry with the facebook logo is NOT the same as voting.
VOTING is what counts!

Voting Closes On FEBRUARY 5, 2016!

NOTE: you can vote for multiple entries…


Breaking Down The Vex Online Design Challenges

Each year Vex offers a set of online design challenges that allow students to explore CAD design, making a fun second robot, tearing apart a piece of electronics, and teaching others about robotics. These challenges are due January 13, 2016 and can take some time to put together a quality production. The Virtual World programming skills entries are due March 1.

It can win you an entry to Vex World Championships too!

Learn more about the challenges here:

Another important note before we get into each one. If your team does make it to compete at Vex World Championships, your team must have completed two online challenge entries to be eligible for the Excellence Award. Since we will be completing…


Troubles Tripping Circuit Breakers With 10 Big 393 Motors?

This information and post would not be possible without the contributions on the Vex Forums made by James Pearman, a moentor on team 8888 in California.

Well we all thought it was great when we could use as many of the big 393 motors as we would like last year, but now we don’t have a choice and Vex no longer carries the smaller 269 motors. So what tends to happen is you run your robot too hard and the circuit breaker trips either in the motor of the Cortex stopping all activity for a period of time before it resets – sadness ensues.

This is not Vexnet drop outs, but due to the fact you are drawing too much current…


Toss Up Strategies – Getting Over the Bump

This year, the Vex game Toss Up presents a new challenge we have not seen – a 2 inch high bump. That may not seem like much, but when you put your 4″ wheels on a c-channel or frame rail, the rail will cause you to get stuck on the bump. You will be turtled! We now have a field kit set up as Oscar Way so no more guessing!

One team, 5757 of Virginia, has been experimenting with a few drive designs that show how they react with the bump and showing them on You Tube. You can see all the videos here.
Team 5757 Videos

Tank drive – can actually get stuck sideways

Mechanums – can strafe…


The 2013-2014 Vex Game – Toss Up

This year, the Vex game is called Toss Up. It looks like a lower scoring game with higher proportion of bonus derived from winning autonomous with 10 points to the winner. So get ready to program this year!

Toss Up has three equal and distinct zones each 4 foot by 12 foot long that defines the scoring zones. There are 24″ high plastic tubes on the far end from where you stand but before you get there you have to go under a 12″ bridge. And between the middle and close zones, you have a 2″ bump to navigate over! To make matters more challenging, there is a hanging bar this year – and it is…