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Come Help Clean And Paint Our New Space

We have a new space to store our stuff and build on weekends and holiday breaks. But we need some help cleaning it up, painting it, and making it safe for everyone. We will be meeting Tuesday and Wednesdays at the 6th Grade Center but this will be used for weekends, holiday breaks, and if we can get it cleaned up, some summer build time!

205 Byers Rd
Eagle, PA
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It is still a construction zone. There is not running water right now and I can’t predict if it will on July 18th. So assume no working water at this point.

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If you can spare a few hours over the weekend and have…


Vexmen Spring Classes Available Starting March 31 and April 1

It’s the end of the regular Vexmen season so that means it’s time for the Spring educational sessions where we teach the real ins and outs of building an awesome robot.

We know the spring gets really full really quickly with other activities and the 6th grade center is among them. So we will have to be a bit flexible on our meeting dates. We also have a week in April Chris and I will not be available – so it will not be 8 consecutive weeks.

Each class is a $100 per student fee with parent mentors wishing to stay for free

Tuesday class starting 3/31: build techniques and basic robot programming strategies taught by Chris Hallahan….


Vexmen Build Highlights From Skyrise – part 2

Now it is time for the Tuesday night teams to show their stuff! Last time we showed how the Vexmen teams conquered Skyrise through the little things that can make a difference. This is a continuation of that excellent work but with our Tuesday night teams.

To make it easier for the audience to see the insides of the robot, a phone connected to the projector showed the audience members what was going on a lot better. You can see it in the background of a few shots.

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Link to More Photos
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[su_dropcap size=”4″]80B[/su_dropcap] Team 80B Beast is a first year team who came…


Vexmen Build Highlights From Skyrise – part 1

This will be part one of a few reveals of cool elements the Vexmen teams came up with on their robots this year. It’s these little things that make a huge difference in the performance of the robot and shows the creativity and ingenuity of the kids. In this meeting we shared the cool elements of our robots. This is the first of two sets as we go through our amazing robots.

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Link to More Photos
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[su_dropcap size=”4″]80N[/su_dropcap] First up is team 80N Nightcrawler used the new high strength shafts to minimize the slop on their double reverse four bar lift….


Order Vexmen Shirts Online

It is shirt ordering time again. We will use the same shirts as we have for the past two years now. We will have some samples on build nights to show you. We again will use the paypal order form so we don’t have to worry about collecting money ahead of time from everyone.

As a reminder, everyone needs to wear their shirt to events. It is a part of our brand image and lets the other teams know you are a part of the Vexmen. Over half the kids at some local events will be Vexmen but that shows our presence even more!

Vexmen shirt order form

Please be sure to order by November 5th so we can…