The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

Vexmen World Championship Hall of Fame


The Vexmen have had a long tradition of attending the Vex Robotics World Championships and have won the highest honor of the Excellence Award for the middle school division in 2011. For seven consecutive years the Vexmen have sent teams to the Vex World Championships and have won thirteen awards in total. Let’s hope the good times keep rolling!

2010 Dallas, TX – Clean Sweep

The first appearance at the Vex World Championships was before the team was called the Vexmen. Two teams attended in 80 and 81 and we got to see Steve Rhoads and Foster Schucker crowned Mentors of the Year!
2010 VEX Mentor of the year award

Steve Rhoads with Team 80 team members and featured speaker Mythbusters’ Grant Imahara

2011 Orlando, FL – Round Up

2011 saw the Vexmen grow dramatically and we sent seven teams to the middle school division. We won our first worlds awards that year with the highest honor of the Excellence Award going to team 80 Nightcrawler. The club won three awards that year.

Middle School Excellence Award – Team 80 Nightcrawler
Middle School Think Award – Team 81 Gambit
Middle School Teamwork Award


Team 80 Nightcrawler Winning the Middle School Excellence Award at the 2011 Vex Robotics World Championships


Team 81 Gambit with the Think Award at the 2011 Vex World Championships

Vexmen Win Team Award At Worlds

The 2011 Vexmen receiving the Teamwork Award at Vex World Championships

2012 Anaheim, CA – Gateway

The Vexmen sent seven teams to Anaheim with two high school teams and five middle school teams. This year we won our first High School award with the Community Award. Two middle school teams earned awards with team 80X – X-23 – winning the amaze award by building a light beam detecting auto-ingesting process on their robot.
High School Math Division Community Award – Team 81A Apocolypse
Middle School Amaze Award – Team 80X X-23
Middle School Spirit Award – Team 80N Nightcrawler


Team 81A and 81S with the Community Award

Team 80X and the Middle School Amaze Award

Team 80N – Nightcrawler and the Middle School Spirit Award

2013 Anaheim, CA – Sack Attack

The 2013 season saw a new world championship allocation process where three teams qualified – one high school, two middle school teams. Mystique was a one person showing at worlds and still came away with an award. Team 80R Rogue and team 90C Cyclops represented the Vexmen in the middle school division.
High School Engineering Division Judges Award – Team 81M Mystique


Team 81M Mystique with the Judges Award

2014 Anaheim, CA – Toss Up

For Toss Up we sent two Vexmen teams back to Anaheim – one high school, one middle school. Team 90C made their second appearance count with a Think Award in the middle school division. Team 81W Wolverine attended in the high school division.
Middle School Think Award – Team 90C Cyclops

vexmen 90c comp

Team 90C Cyclops and their Think Award at the 2014 Vex World Championships

2015 Louisville, KY – Skyrise

The 2015 World Championships moved to Louisville, KY and three teams are attending – two middle school, one high school. Teams 80N Nightcrawler, 80Y Cypher represented the middle school division and team 81M Mystique made it back to world championships after a year missing the event.

Team 80Y came home a big winner. They won the Middle School Opportunity Division and were Tournament Finalists. They also won the Opportunity Division Excellence Award but lost out on overall Middle School excellence. This was the first time a Vexmen team made it to the big stage in the Tournament finals.

Middle School Tournament Finalist – Team 80Y Cypher
Middle School Opportunity Division Excellence Award – Team 80Y Cypher
Middle School Opportunity Division Champions – Team 80Y Cypher


Team 80Y Cypher and their teammates 8192B and 7932A at the 2015 Vex World Championships

2016 Louisville, KY – Toss Up & Bank Shot

For 2016, the Vexmen started participating in Vex IQ and sent three teams to world championships – two in middle school VRC and on in middle school IQ. Teams 80M Mercury, and 80W Warpath were Vex VRC middle school representatives and team 92P Phoenix was in the middle school representatives.

We earned not only one design award but two this year! Team 92P Phoenix took home the Math division Design Award in our fist appearance in IQ at Vex Worlds. This is the first time an organization has won multiple design awards at the same world championship.

VRC Middle School Opportunity Division Design Award – Team 80W Warpath
IQ Middle School Math Division Design Award – Team 92P Phoenix

Team 92P Phoenix – 2016 VEX IQ MS Math Division Design Award


Team 80W Warpath

Team 80W Warpath – 2016 VRC MS Opportunity Division Design Award

2017 Louisville, KY – Starstruck & Crossover

The Vexmen sent a strong contingent to Vex Worlds in 2017 for Vex IQ, VRC Middle School, and VRC High School events. Vexmen IQ teams 92M Mastermind, 92P Phoenix, and 92S Slipstream; Vexmen VRC Middle School teams 80J Cannonball, 80S Storm; and Vexmen VRC High School team 81Y Cypher all traveled to Louisville to compete at Vex Worlds. This year, Vex IQ was held immediately after VRC event days so only three Vexmen teams attended each time. Six straight days of Vex robotics!

Team 81Y Cypher earned our first ever High School design award. Team 92P won the IQ promote award.

VRC High School Technology Division Design Award – Team 81Y Cypher
Vex IQ Promote Award – Team 92P Phoenix