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Looking For 2016 – 2017 Online Design Challenge Entries

Each year Vex offers a set of online design challenges that allow students to explore CAD design, making a fun second robot, tearing apart a piece of electronics, and teaching others about robotics. These challenges are due January 11, 2017 and can take some time to put together a quality production. The Christmas break is the perfect time to put these together as a team.

If you think you may get to Vex World Championships, two online design submissions are required to qualify for the Excellence Award. Another Vexmen team’s submission can not be transferred to your robot. You must enter your own online design challenge. Some are ridiculously simple while others are much more time consuming. The high schools have 3D printers if you wish to enter that challenge.

It can win you an entry to Vex World Championships too!

So there is another incentive to enter.Last year team 91C won second place with their parallel parking robot entry.

Learn more about the challenges here:

Club Level Challenge Entries

These challenges will be submitted by the club so you do not need to enter these. We will take these on. The website counts for the entire club. We will take applications for the Promote Award video for the Vexmen this year. If you are interested in that, please have a plan submitted to Chris and Glenn.

Website Challenge
Vex Promote Award

IQ-Only Challenge Entries

This is our first year with Vex IQ teams and there is a team promote video just for IQ. This is open to all the IQ teams to show why it is great to be in Vex IQ.

IQ Promote Award
IQ Virtual Worlds Programming Challenge

Team Challenge Entries

These are the main challenges each team should be thinking about completing. Some are much easier than others.
Some you will need Autodesk Inventor which is a professional CAD software. As a student you can download Inventor Professional for free. It is a steep learning curve and make sure you have a capable PC with at least 8GB of memory, a good graphics card, and a fast disk (an SSD really helps but is not necessary).

Vex Photography Challenge
(Take It Apart) TI Electronics Challenge
Vex Virtual World Programming Challenge
Robot Construction Challenge
Make It Real CAD and Build Challenge
Game Design Animation Challenge

Girls Only Challenges

New this year is there is a new online challenge open to girls in robotics. RECF wants to “invite girls on VEX IQ Challenge and VEX Robotics Competition teams to create a story focused on their path in designing, programming, and building a robot or one aspect of their team’s development over the season” This is a new challenge that wants to tell the story – the high, lows, and all aspects in between in building your robot.

Girl Powered: In Her Words Storybook Challenge