The Vexmen of Brandywine Robotics

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Vexmen 2016 Season Under Way

It’s another great year for the Vexmen as we increase in size even more this year with 31 VRC teams and 5 IQ teams to bring our total to over 160 roboteers.

Please Pay So We Can Order Shirts & Parts

Above is the state of payments so received to date. We have received 76% of the payments to date from roboteers. Already we have written some large checks for team registrations and some large parts orders. To fully stock each team with Cortexes, Vex batteries, Joysticks, Tools, and programming cables, we will need the income to purchase these.

Returning roboteers are $375 and new roboteers are $400. We have lumped in Vexmen t-shirts into the new roboteer price. We plan on ordering shirts next week on 10/14 so please do not make us order prior to payment. Team emails have the Google spreadsheet to provide sizing information

The red in the graph above shows the number of team members who have not yet paid. Please do not make us come find you and pay at next week’s meeting.

Mentors Please Provide Clearances

Mentors, if you have not obtained your child safety clearances, please do so. If you have previously registered, please print a copy so we can file it for this year. Any parent mentor spending time with the kids should obtain these clearances. They are the same ones you normally use to be a chaperone on school field trips. PA Child Protection Rules

Vexmen Shirts

As stated above, new Vexmen will receive a shirt with their dues. Anyone else wishing to purchase a new shirt or a mentor shirt, please visit our shirts page to order them. This year, the design is changing slightly with the new logos on the front and back. The piping on the shirts is also slightly different so we no longer see ourselves coming and going as it has turned out to be a very common shirt. The shirt ordering page needs to be updated with the new designs, but the prices are the same.

Order Vexmen Shirts Here


School Closed October 12th

School will be closed on October 12th so we will not be meeting at Marsh Creek 6th Grade Center. Look in your email for a sign up genius to come to Byers Road on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We can fit up to 8 teams per night at Byers Road so we will split across the two nights.

Another option is to come Tuesday evening at the 6th Grade Center.