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Vexmen Parts Ordering Process

Well it is another build season and we all seem to not have the parts we need when we need them. Please look through the parts bins and ensure we do not already have the part you are looking for. We do have quite a few items in stock.

However we will not always have what you are looking for in the parts bins. We will need to order those parts for you, and here is where we need your help the most. Please look up the parts at Vex website and [strong]reference the part number to make ordering easier[/strong] and ensuring we order the correct parts. Some items have similar names! Filled out spreadsheets makes the ordering and distribution so much easier.

But what part is that? The following pages are where you find the majority of parts at the Vex website. They divide the parts into a few categories:

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Vex Motion Products Motors and Gears
Motors and Gears[jcol/]

Structural Parts[jcol/]


Wires and Cortexes[/jcolumns]
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Try and evaluate what you plan on building within the next week and order ahead of time. Plan plan plan!

However we’re not made of money. So a few simple rules:
1) Since Aluminum is 2-3 times the price of steel, you must have a prototype or CAD drawing of what you are looking to build (that subsystem, not necessarily the whole robot)
2) Pneumatic kits are above our budget. If you would like to use them, please plan on buying them yourself.
3) Please show your coding and plan of action if you would like to use gyros or accelerometers

Every Thursday morning we will place an order for parts at Vex. It takes about a week to receive parts sometimes so even more reason to plan ahead.

So here is a simple form you can use to help us order parts in a timely manner.
Vexmen Example Parts Order

When complete, email it to your team email address and we’ll assemble everything that Thursday for an order.

Happy building!