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Toss Up Strategies – Getting Over the Bump

This year, the Vex game Toss Up presents a new challenge we have not seen – a 2 inch high bump. That may not seem like much, but when you put your 4″ wheels on a c-channel or frame rail, the rail will cause you to get stuck on the bump. You will be turtled! We now have a field kit set up as Oscar Way so no more guessing!

Vexmen Toss up field #1

One team, 5757 of Virginia, has been experimenting with a few drive designs that show how they react with the bump and showing them on You Tube. You can see all the videos here.
Team 5757 Videos

Tank drive – can actually get stuck sideways

Mechanums – can strafe but has trouble strafing to get over the hump so it only goes head on. Once there I bet it could strafe to get the three buckeys in a row.

Six wheel drive – works great but I did not see it run along the bump. Can it do that?

Raised 4 wheel drive – works but I did not see it run along the bump. Will it get stuck?

Notice how they raised the wheels above the bump? They added a small bit of c-channel below the frame rail to ensure the frame does not end up stuck on the bump. There are other solutions to this problem but this should give you an idea of how you can get over the bump.

These guys from SBD Robotics used 4″ Omni wheels in an X holonomic to go over the bump.

Omni Holonomic – I don’t see it strafe to get the three buckeys but I bet it can.

Hopefully this gives you some good ideas to get started. Next time we’ll look at shooters and catapults from previous years games that might apply this year..