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Watch Our Vexmen Promotional Video

Students wonder if they would like robotics. Vexmen roboteers answer the question “How do you get started in robotics?” This video helps explain the Vexmen and how we build and learn about robots in a competitive game. The real answer is simply this – just try it!
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The video was created and edited by our own 9th grade roboteer Christian. He’s been a member of the Vexmen for four years participating at the world level. His team, Gambit, won the 2011 Think Award at the Vex World Championships in Orlando, FL for their outstanding programming and they have participated in the 2010, 2011, and 2012 World Championships as well. Last year, the Vexmen won several awards at the Vex World Championships including the Community Award to 81A for our efforts in integrating Vex into the school curriculum, the Amaze Award for amazing auto-scoring robot of team 80X, and the Spirit Award for team 80N.

This year Downingtown Area School District has embarked on integrating Project Lead The Way into its core curriculum with 6th graders and using Vex robotics in middle school and high school levels. This is a good introduction to robotics in the classroom but to go further, students can join the Vexmen and compete on a global level in the Vex Robotics Competition.

Next year, DASD will be offering a new Principles of Engineering course at Downingtown East and Downingtown West high schools, and a Robotics Pathway course at Downingtown STEM Academy as part of the International Baccalaureate curriculum offered at STEM.

The Vexmen currently has 17 teams with students in middle school and high shool divisions with over 75 students from the Downingtown area. Currently meeting twice a week, the Vexmen are in the middle of our 2012-2103 competition season. We are entirely parent run organization who know it’s important to get kids interested in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based careers. Come cheer us on at our events this year..