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Vexmen Gateway World Championships Reveal

The time is approaching fast, and it’s time to formally reveal the Vexmen robots attending World Championships. The Vexmen are for the first time sending two robots to the high school division, and this year we are sending five robots to the middle school division.

Come see our pits this year and talk with a roboteer to get a Vexmen bracelet. This should help you remember our teams in choosing an alliance partner! There are 5 Vexmen teams in the Middle School area pits as team 80 letters and 2 in the High School area as team 81 letters.

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High School Division Robots

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81A – Apocalypse
– Excellence Award at Haverford Hootenanny
– Rear Omnis at 45 degrees
– Conveyor lift arm design[jcol/]
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81S – Sabretooth
– Excellence Award at Sauderton HS
– Design Award for Technomage League
– Design Award at Haverford
– Two stage lift design
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Middle School Division Robots

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80G – Gambit
– Excellence Award at Sauderton MS
– Tournament Champions at Sauderton & Downingtown STEM
– Build Award at Eastern PA Regional
– Holonomic base, 6 bar lift
– Nine sensors in all with PID gyro
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80J – Juggernaut
– Tournament Champions at Downingtown STEM
– Design Award at Downingtown STEM
– Build Awards at Sauderton MS
– Fast and deadly
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80N – Nightcrawler
– Tournament Champion at Dockbots & Eastern PA Regional
– Judges Award at Eastern PA Regional
– Amaze Award at Dockbots
– Scissor is 63" when fully raised
– Programming scores maybe 17 in new layout[jcol/]
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80W – Wolverine
– Design Award at PA State Championships & Eastern PA Regional
– Auto locking conveyor feeder flap feature
– Totally rock solid
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80X – X-23
– Excellence Award at PA State Championship
– Tournament Champions at Eastern PA Rgeional
– Amaze Award at Eastern PA Regional
– Build Award at Downingtown STEM
– Light sensing auto-scorer
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stacked_bracelets_2011Come by the pits and check out the Vexmen. Collect all 7 bracelets across Middle School and High School Divisions. These are last year’s versions so the colors are slightly different for 2012. So when you see one of the vexmen, chat them up and get a cool Vexmen bracelet!

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The Vexmen of Downingtown Area Robotics has over 100 middle school and high school students on 17 different teams. We compete against each other as well as other clubs at competitions in the area. We learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as we compete in robotic events in the Southeast Pennsylvania area..