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Vexmen Supports Girls In Gear

Team 341 held the second annual Girls in Gear©, a Girl Scout STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education program, at Ramp Riot. There were six stations set up at Girls in Gear©, including FRC robot driving, FRC robot parts, observing the FRC and FTC competitions, a hands on driving demonstration by the VEXMEN and STEMRobotics, and an area where girls had the chance to talk to women in STEM careers.

The driving demonstration had four robots moving small soccer balls into scoring zones by the Girl Scout drivers. Each driver got to participate in the 4 minute matches on the 8′ x 8′ field. Most of the scouts were Daisy’s (K-3) they drove with the skill and intensity of the bigger FRC drivers.
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[spacer size=”0″] Our second station was a look at different drive trains, and the scouts got to drive a very cool X shaped omni drive, and a legged walking robot.

[spacer size=”0″] Gir from Invader ZimThe final station was a demo of a robotic head “Gir” from the cartoon Invader Zim. The head has multicolor eyes that change with what Gir says. Clips from the show were recorded and put on a storage card. The entire setup is driven by a small microprocessor, similar to what is used in the VEX competitions.

[spacer size=”0″] A great day for both the scouts and the VEXMEN, looking forward to seeing these girls in a few years building their own robots.